WARNING: Some products contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical.



  1. Enjoy the Exotic and Vibrant Hookah with Vape Pen in New Zealand

    New Zealand has been a favourite travel destination for tourists for years, because of a plethora of reasons. It offers much, not only in its inarguably mesmerizing natural wonders and hobbit lore but lip-smacking food and drinks.

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  2. Explore the Unique Collection of Hookah Accessories with Glass Bongs in NZ

    Modern-day hookah carries with it a long history. Believed to have been created in India in the 1500s, the Hookah was invented as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. What was the thought behind it? Tobacco, when passing through water, gets purified.

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  3. Buy Exotic Hookah Pipes in Affordable Price in NZ

    Regardless of you being a seasoned smoker or someone who has developed a new-found love for vaping, at an online store you can purchase hookah pipes that will perfectly meet your needs! Buying from an online store in New Zealand will have a wide range of products for all kinds of smokers out there – the traditional, the exotic Egyptian hookah lovers, the royal Syrian pipes and even cutting edge modern products. 

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  4. Explore the Elegance and Luxury of the Hookah through Hookah Vape

    In the past decade, the world has seen an increasing interest in vaping. Well, smoking off a hookah pipe isn’t something new to our culture. It has been an exotic practice since ages. The Romans were fond of it, the royal Egyptians gave a luxurious twist to it and in Mesopotamia, and hookah was a part of social gatherings. Even today, you don’t quite smoke a hookah alone. Vaping is fun when you are passing on the pipe among friends; it’s a social activity that is fun and addictive.

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  5. Modernize Your Lounge with Hookah Rubber Grommets

    A hookah is an instrument that produces flavoured smoke using tobacco and charcoal. It has a long pipe to draw from, a water tank, a charcoal stand and a long neck. The way it functions requires the user to draw long breaths through the pipe, sucking in the smoke that is produced in it. However, with inhalation action involved, there can be leaks in a traditional hookah instrument. 

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  6. Experience the Culinary Delight with Blunt Papers NZ

    Remember the popular picture of Bob Marley with his legendary spiff? Smoking marijuana has been catching up with its lost years recently. With it being legalized in many countries now , the demand for accessories pertaining to smoking weed has now started to rise – and so has the variety of these accessories. One of the fundamental things you need to roll a spiff is a blunt paper. 

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    Hookah is a part of certain people’s lifestyle. For those who love it, hookah is a culture that they follow. And when something takes up such a prominent position in your life, it is obvious that you would only want the very best of everything for it. So, dear hookah lovers, if you really wish to enjoy the best smoke and the strongest flavour from your next hookah experience, make sure you get top quality hookah pipes to go with your shisha assembly. The market has many options to offer, each one with a different feature for you to experience and different compatibility parameters for you to consider.

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    Those who love hookah are no strangers to the name of Al-Fakher. This company happens to be one of the most well-known shisha brands in the world that has been in business since 1999. Being one of the oldest and most reputed brands in the market, this company has also had the chance to experiment quite extensively with shisha flavours and has a huge fan following all over the planet for their amazingly intense and richly varied flavour range. Of course, their double apple and mint shisha flavours are still the hot favourites of hookah lovers, but the company has also added tons of other options to their selection, providing buyers with an option to mix and match different tastes and create the scintillating hookah experience they wish for. So, if you too are planning on stocking up on the best quality Al Fakher shisha flavours for your collection, here is a blog piece that will give you an idea of the overwhelming variety of options you can explore under this brand:

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    You see, the hookah world didn’t want to be outshone by the vaping trend that was catching on so fast with the newbie stoners. So those amazing product designers out there went ahead and pulled out some of the yummiest hookah flavours and packed them in ultra-convenient travel tubes, giving you the power to smoke up a hookah without the hookah. And that is how the shisha pen was born. 

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    Everyone enjoys their shisha experience in a different way. Some love small hints of flavour with an overwhelming tobacco aroma while others love full-flavored hookah experiences that don’t remind them of nicotine at all. 

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