WARNING: Some products contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical.



  1. 6 Vaping Advantages You Can Take Advantage Of

    Vaping is not just a ‘hobby’ or a new ‘habit’ that can replace smoking traditional cigarettes or tobacco products. It’s a ‘lifestyle’ that continues to thrive to this day. If you’re unsure about getting a vape pen in NZ, you may want to know what makes it good or better than smoking. Allow us to share six vaping advantages to enlighten you:

    1. Vaping can help you quit smoking

    A study released in July 2019 found that cigarette smokers who started vaping were 67 per cent more likely to stop smoking. E-cigarettes are also twice as effective at helping people quit as popular nicotine replacements like gum and the patch.

    1. Take tobacco safely

    A vape pen in NZ can provide a safer means to ingest tobacco. According to a UK government report, estimates show that an e-cigarette is 95 per cent less harmful to human health than regular cigarettes. Vaping also lets you gain more control over your nicotine use because e-liquids come in different strengths, and there are nicotine-free variants, too.

    1. Safer for indoor use

    E-cigarettes can be smoked safely indoors. Researchers found that the amount of nicotine left on surfaces in the homes of e-cig users was almost 200 times lower than in the homes of regular cigarette smokers. Moreover, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine found evidence that e-cigarettes reduce one’s exposure to carcinogens and toxicants. That’s because an e-cig doesn’t contain tar, which accounts for the carcinogens produced by smoking cigarettes

    1. Instant satisfaction

    Newer vapes are ready and easy to use, so you can start using them immediately.

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    1. Which Is the Best Hookah — Chinese Imposter or Authentic Egyptian?

      Choosing a smoking pipe in NZ takes a bit more consideration than you think. For instance, you’ll need to ensure that you’re buying an authentic Egyptian hookah and not a Chinese imitation. So, which is which? Read further to know the characteristics of authentic Egyptian hookahs vs. Chinese imposters.

      Egyptian hookahs

      Egypt is known as the premier destination for hookahs and their accessories. This is because Egyptian artisans take great pride in their work, handing the art of hookah making from generation to generation.

      Until now, most authentic Egyptian hookahs are handmade and exhibit the following characteristics:

      • Base

      Egyptian hookahs come with a hand-blown coloured glass base. You’ll notice that it has a variety of shapes and colours, even

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    2. The Characteristics an Ideal Charcoal Should Have for Good Efficiency to Smoke Hookah

      Your choice of charcoal can have an impact on your hookah experience at home. While there are many options available today, the best choice is something that’s made specifically for the hookah. That means you have to check its characteristics such as hardness, density, longevity, and ignition time. Whether you’re choosing Coco Nara Charcoal or something else, here’s what you need to know to ensure a pleasant smoke:

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    3. Shisha Vs Vape - Are They the Same?

      Most people smoke as a habit, but those who want to quit or at least reduce their smoking may turn to vaping or using a shisha pipe. Both are considered alternatives to conventional cigarette or tobacco smoking. While they have similarities, there are obvious differences between the two, and you must know them to understand which method may be best for you.

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    4. Things You Must Know as A Beginner on How to Vape

      Buying your first vape pen in NZ? Before you do that, there are several things to know. As a beginner, navigating through the vape market can be confusing and intimidating. You need to be armed with the right information. Among the first things you need to understand are the benefits of vape pens in NZ. 


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    5. A Guide on Different Parts of Hookah to Buy and How to Use It

      Butane lighter in NZ is an important accessory when smoking a hookah. Without it, well you can’t ignite the coals and smoke. But aside from a lighter, there are many other tools and accessories you can buy for the best hookah experience. Here are the most essential ones:


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    6. Learn 5 Facts about Vaping in New Zealand

      Have you been trying to quit smoking? It’s not easy, but the good news is that there are ways to make it more bearable. E-cigarettes in New Zealand are growing in popularity among smokers who want to quit. And perhaps it’s time you tried it, too!

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    7. How to Find Cheap Glass Bongs Online in New Zealand?

      For most smokers, smoking with a pipe or even rolling paper is the most convenient way to get their tobacco fix. But these methods aren’t the safest, as you risk inhaling burnt ash and tar on top of smoke. Using a glass bong in NZ might be a better alternative.

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    8. Enjoy the Exotic and Vibrant Hookah with Vape Pen in New Zealand

      New Zealand has been a favourite travel destination for tourists for years, because of a plethora of reasons. It offers much, not only in its inarguably mesmerizing natural wonders and hobbit lore but lip-smacking food and drinks.

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    9. Explore the Unique Collection of Hookah Accessories with Glass Bongs in NZ

      Modern-day hookah carries with it a long history. Believed to have been created in India in the 1500s, the Hookah was invented as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. What was the thought behind it? Tobacco, when passing through water, gets purified.

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