WARNING: Some products contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical.

Blunt Papers

Blunt Papers& Wraps

Searching for juicy, flavourful rolling papers? Check out our wide variety of RAW and Juicy Jay rolling papers, Juicy Blunts, and Hemp papers that we have to offer. Make your smoke more enjoyable with rolling papers that are infused with flavour and have no tobacco content, or as most smokers prefer, blunt papers that have tobacco for an extra hit with whatever herbs you decide to smoke with.

RAW rolling papers are made from natural plants with no dye or additives, it is made unbleached and unrefined, and so you can taste the natural flavour of your smoke. The ingredients are sustainably-harvested in Ethiopia, made from natural plant fibres and are finished with organic Acacia gum resin that is filtered and pasteurized before applied to the paper. Each paper is also imprinted with a patented Criss-cross watermark that keeps your herbs burning smooth and evenly.

Juicy Blunt Double Wrap papers are the most flavour wraps in the world. They are moist and delicious, made with a triple dip flavouring system. These premium tobacco wrappers are well known among smokers as they pack a flavourful punch with each puff. They are easy to roll and wraps stay freshly moist in the reseal-able packaging.

Juicy Jay’s is a worldwide top-selling brand of flavoured rolling papers of roll-your-own smoke enthusiasts. Juicy Jay’s rolling paper flavours remain on your lips even after you have finished your smoke. The entire paper is infused with flavour using a triple tip flavouring system and is not too overpowering, but rather complement the natural flavours of your chosen herbs.

Hemp Papers are tobacco-less and nicotine free, made from organic, additive-free, pure natural hemp. It is made from natural plants with zero burn additives. Hemp papers also have a slow-medium burn rate. It is good to note, the thinner the rolling paper is, and the slower it will burn.

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Blunt Papers

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