Enjoy the Exotic and Vibrant Hookah with Vape Pen in New Zealand

New Zealand has been a favourite travel destination for tourists for years, because of a plethora of reasons. It offers much, not only in its inarguably mesmerizing natural wonders and hobbit lore but lip-smacking food and drinks.

In recent times, the New Zealand Government has shown an intention of making New Zealand smoke free by 2025. Cigarette taxes might increase, the number of retail shops that sell tobacco might decrease and the minimum age to buy cigarettes might keep increasing from 18 years. At the same time, the Government has been looking at e-cigarettes as a stepping stone to achieve this goal as they produce vapour rather than smoke and is supposed to be less harmful to oneself as well as the environment.

E-cigarettes work on the same principle as vaporizers which give you an experience of hookah. However, vape pens trump e-cigarettes because the latter uses batteries which are pretty small and hence incapable of supporting a powerful coil. Thus, the vapour that an e-cigarette can produce is substantially lesser, leading to an unsatisfying experience.

Vape pen in New Zealand, on the other hand, can give you the feel of an exotic and vibrant pull of the hookah because it is so much more powerful. They are bigger, have more tank capacity to hold your choice of e-liquid and other settings which makes it much more technologically advanced than e-cigarettes.

A major attraction of Hookahs other than the vapour clouds that they produce, is the vast range of flavours that you could be smoking. Vape pens ensure a similar experience, of course, with the addition of cancelling out the negative effects of directly inhaling tobacco smoke.

Vape pens allow the inhaling of harmless vapour rather than smoke. These flavours come from the e-liquids, juices or wax concentrates that are filled in the cartridges of the vape pens. Juice enthusiasts have ensured that any flavour that you can possibly think of is likely to be available.

Apart from regular features, some vape pens can come with fun features like a bubbling sound, different colour of mouthpieces and amazing designs. The ingenuity of a pen-shaped vaporizer allows you to carry it around discreetly, easily and use it without drawing much attention- so it’s almost like a hookah on the go.

Vape pens are available in many stores across New Zealand and online with specifications catering to different requirements. So we say you take your pick and experience the flavorful and exotic hookah without the hassles.