Experience the Culinary Delight with Blunt Papers NZ

Remember the popular picture of Bob Marley with his legendary spiff? Smoking marijuana has been catching up with its lost years recently. With it being legalized in many countries now, the demand for accessories pertaining to smoking weed has now started to rise – and so has the variety of these accessories. One of the fundamental things you need to roll a spiff is a blunt paper. In this blog, you will understand how you can experience the culinary delight with blunt papers in NZ.

What is a blunt paper?

Typically, a blunt is a paper or a roll which is infused with tobacco, used specifically for the purpose of rolling weed into a spiff or a cigarillo. This paper differs from the standard joint-rolling paper in the fact that a blunt has tobacco in it while a rolling paper doesn’t. A blunt is also thicker than a rolling paper.

Flavours of blunt paper today

Today, blunt papers are available in a variety of flavours that users can enjoy as per their tastes. Some users, however, do not prefer flavoured blunts for the reason that they mess with the natural aroma and taste of the weed rolled in it. Here is a list of the most popular blunt paper flavours available in New Zealand today.

  • Pure tobacco – this blunt paper is either made from a tobacco leaf, or is infused with tobacco. This is the most popular kind of blunt that you can find in the market.
  • Fruity flavours – for the adventurous marijuana fans, there are blunts available in flavours like orange, grape, strawberry, banana and what not! If you are not a fan of smoky smells, then you should try these flavours.
  • Pure hemp – some marijuana connoisseurs don’t like interference of any other flavour on their joint – which is why they prefer rolling in a pure hemp blunt.

So many flavours out there to try! Grab your blunt paper today.