WARNING: Some products contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical.

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Space Smoke Arabian Spiced Peach Lime 30g

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Unique Aroma of Spicy Peach and Tart Lime.

The 30g Tubes have 2-3 uses. Space Smoke hookah paste is ideally use in funnel bowls.

Space Smoke is an innovative tobacco-free, mineral-based hookah mixed. The product is ready to use, for clogging you only need to apply 10-15gm paste into a bowl, depending on its size. from the very first minutes, you will receive a plentiful amount of smoke and a rich taste that will last throughout the entire smoking period. One tube is enough for 8-9 fillings. Ideal to experience a new taste of Hookah.

For those who like stronger Hookah's, we have developed an enhancer of the hardness strength, this is why we call it Space Smoke paste without a bad smell only fruity freshness.

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